Old Boston Photosets

The Boston Public Library has an amazing collection of photos online at Flickr including the Leslie Jones Collection.

Kid lost, and then found from Crime/Police: Miscellaneous

Police inspector Tobin and Goodman …not sure I would trust these guys…also from Crime/Police: Miscellaneous

Boston Police Liquor Squad dressed up in evening clothes for visits to Boston hotels on New Year’s Eve from Crime/Police: Prohibition

Charlie Toth and Bozo Snyder’s bathing girls at L Street bath house from Sports: Swimming

Visiting dignitaries from Japan in People: Miscellaneous & Unidentified

And one bonus piece from the Old Boston Photograph Collection (another BPL collection online at flickr): Birthplace of Benjamin Franklin, Milk Street

Balinese Cuisine


I enjoy the small, personal grill that keeps your satay warm. The numerous sambals – chili-based sauces – served with each dish mean you can take the meal in a lot of different delicious and spicy directions.

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