Robot boss (complete with lasers) in the office

We have an Anybots robot with telepresence. When I’m not at the office, I can log in through a browser and I drive it around. It balances on two wheels, and it’s six feet tall. I see through its eyes and ears, and it’s got a screen, so people can see me. And so you can have casual conversations at someone’s desk through the robot. It’s got a laser pointer, so you can shoot lasers, which is just good design. You shouldn’t build a robot without a laser.

via Phil Libin of Evernote, on Its Unusual Corporate Culture –

I have been an Evernote user for four years. It’s a fantastic service. This piece highlights many positive attributes of Evernote’s culture that would be worth copying into most organizations. And yet, on balance, I am glad that I have not yet had a boss who uses a robot to monitor employees and shoot lasers around the office.

Howard Marks on Contrarianism

Contrarianism is very important but very difficult.  To make his point, he quoted David Swenson who runs investments for Yale’s endowment fund: “Establishing and maintaining an unconventional investment profile requires acceptance of uncomfortably idiosyncratic portfolio which frequently appear to be downright imprudent in the eyes of the conventional wisdom.”  However, if one wants to be a successful contrarian, one has to believe that conventional wisdom by itself is a bit of an oxymoron because what is conventional is often not wise because most people start believing in something only when it is the third stage of either market extreme.

Distressed Debt Investing: Howard Marks at NYSSA


Balinese Cuisine


I enjoy the small, personal grill that keeps your satay warm. The numerous sambals – chili-based sauces – served with each dish mean you can take the meal in a lot of different delicious and spicy directions.

Dueling hotels in HK


Moody morning in HKG


ICC – view from the clouds

Being on top of the ICC is like being in a plane. From the 118th floor, even the IFC tower looks small.

Hong kong housing